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Enabling Calgary, Alberta & Western Canada to Live Greener Lifestyles

Our Mission

To reduce the impact of humankind by integrating sustainable solutions into everyday life.

Kai Fahrion

Being directly impacted from the side-effects of a polluted environment forced my parents to move from Germany when I was six years old. With my sister’s health as well as my own being jeopardized, my parents looked for a city that had fresh air and opportunity. This brought my family to Calgary, Alberta.

Over 25 years ago my grandfather engineered one of the first Solar Farms in Europe. He was a great role model to me and had a positive impact on my parents as well. They later became early adopters of solar power, energy efficiency products & electric vehicle charging.

With my parents providing our family with the opportunity to live in a place with an abundance of nature’s gifts, it set out a clear path for me to provide others with the same. This responsibility to future generations lead me to becoming an electrician focusing on sustainable solutions.

“With the future of Alberta seeming uncertain, it pushes me to work harder to help us diversify.”


Gursh Bal

In my early years, I was fortunate enough to be brought up by parents that were very loving, compassionate and disciplined. I watched them work feverishly to provide our family with food, education and love.

I remember my first trip to Banff at the age of seven and how awestruck I was with the magnitude of the parks natural beauty. At the end of the trip my Mother explained to me that the beauty of Banff was very delicate. That in order to enjoy it in the future, we had to take steps today to ensure it’s tomorrow. Reduce, reuse, recycle was one of the simple things she taught me to do that could have a positive impact.

With humanitarian work being part of my life-long goal, I deliberated on which career would be the most beneficial to those in need. This process lead me to become an Electrician. Coupled with the values taught to me as a child, enabling others to live sustainably was a perfect fit.

“Having the opportunity to work with some of Alberta’s brightest minds, I am delighted to be a part of our promising future.”

Our Solutions

Our primary business is to stop the ever-increasing damage to our environment by enabling society to live and work sustainably. VE does this by providing accurate information through turn key Solar Energy, Electric Vehicle Charging & Energy Efficiency installations.

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