Town of Okotoks Buildings to see Solar Energy Benefits

It won’t be long until the Town is reaping the benefits of its new solar panels.

Both the fleet building at the Operations Centre and the Environmental Education Centre have received a 499 kW solar panel system.

The solar panels are part of the Town’s Environmental Master Plan to commit to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050.

Sheri Young, Climate Change and Energy Specialist for the Town of Okotoks, says benefits from the panels will be seen at another significant energy consumer in town.

“It’s going to provide electricity for the waste water treatment plant which is one of our biggest electricity users in the town and it’s going to provide about 30 per cent of the electrical usage for the plant which is a huge reduction in green house gas emissions and energy.”

The Town is guaranteed about $400,000 in grants for the program. The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre has an Alberta municipal solar grant available which will pay a certain amount per wattage on how much reduction that can be had on a certain location. On top of that, the Town also received a bonus with it being their first application for it.

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