The Green New Deal, Explained

What is the Green New Deal?

It is not a bill. It is not legislation. It is not a policy proposal. It is a first step in understanding the shared global environmental problem we all face.


“The Green New Deal is a long shot, but right now, is the only plan that acknowledges what is coming.”


The main ideas the Green New Deal addresses are:

  1. What does America need to do to solve this crisis?
    • Stopping production of fossil fuels as much as technologically possible. It is too late to incrementally move away from fossil fuels.
    • Rethinking the ways we use energy.
  2. De-Carbonizing is a huge ask of society especially in a time of economic uncertainty. The second part of the New Deal is a set of promises to protect the public from this transition.
    • Promises of basic economic freedom to all members of society
    • Ensuring everyone receives the same economic opportunity and those with the most economic and social barriers are not worst off.

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