Tesla finally reveals its electric pickup

The long-awaited Tesla pickup truck will finally be unveiled on Nov. 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory in Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter.

Musk has said the electric truck, which was first announced in 2013, will have a starting price of less than $50,000. He has also claimed it will be a better truck than a Ford F-150 and a better sports car than a Porsche 911. It is not entirely clear, however, if those attributes can be expected in one version of the truck or if customers will be able to choose one or two out of the three: price, performance and/or hauling.The design of the truck is likely to be off-putting to many traditional pickup buyers, Musk has warned. A teaser image released by Tesla shows a line of light coming out of what appears to be the truck’s hood.

Pickup trucks are the best-selling vehicles in America. The Ford F-series, in particular, has been the number one selling vehicle in America for more than 40 years. Pickup truck buyers are famously loyal to their favorite brands of trucks, though. Japanese automakers, Toyota and Nissan, both produce full-size trucks that compete with those from Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler, but neither has made significant inroads against their Michigan-based rivals in the US market.

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