Gursh Bal and Kai Fahrion Take Official Roles as Co-CEOs for Virtuoso Energy

Kai & Gursh

Calgary, Alberta, Release: August 10, 2021. For Immediate Release.

Gursh Bal and Kai Fahrion will be taking official roles as Co-CEOs for Virtuoso Energy. Bal and Fahrion previously held the positions of Director of Business Development and Director of Operations respectively.

“When we first started the company, Gursh and I felt we were not at the level of knowledge to be CEOs of the company,” Fahrion explained, optimistic about the company’s new direction. “We grew rapidly over the past 12 months, and we are ready to create a formal structure for accountability both internally and externally. Occupying new positions as Co-CEOs will allow us to focus on the company’s strategic direction and mentor the right people who will be filling management positions within the firm.”

While sharing the title of CEO is uncommon in most businesses, having two Co-CEOs for Virtuoso Energy currently makes sense for the company. Since Virtuoso Energy began in 2015, the company has continued to see rapid growth as more Canadians are accepting solar energy as an alternative renewable energy source to power their homes and businesses. This shift presents a unique window of opportunity for Virtuoso Energy in gaining a strong foothold in establishing themselves in this industry.

“While we have different personalities, we both share the same goals and vision. In most organizations, it usually takes an entire board to offer sound insight on how company goals and vision should be achieved. Having Kai and I share the role as Co-CEOs give us the dynamic ability to make sure our company’s vision is accomplished while accounting for different perspectives,” Bal added.

When asked what Bal and Fahrion were most looking forward to for the company, they were both excited to share three key areas where they will be focusing their energy as Co-CEOs. These include growing the management team, establishing an employee share program, and their ambitious goal in installing solar energy systems on 1 million homes by 2040.

“Kai and I do not subscribe in accumulating as much personal wealth for our personal gain. The employee share program will allow us to exemplify that sustainability is not just a rising tide from an environmental perspective, but it is a rising tide from a monetary perspective as well. We want everyone to win with us,” Bal said when discussing the employee share program to come.

“Our goal for installing solar solutions on 1 million homes by 2040 will contribute to achieving why we started Virtuoso Energy in the first place,” Kai added. “We’re also excited to put a structure in place for talented individuals in our company to grow into so they can focus on areas they enjoy and are good at.”

Virtuoso Energy began in 2015 by Bal and Fahrion. After winning SAIT’s Train the Trades competition in 2016, the pair quit their jobs to focus on the business full-time. Today, Virtuoso Energy employs over 40 people in empowering people to do their part in reducing humanity’s environmental impact through its solar solutions for homes and communities.

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