The Town of Banff is making solar more affordable for its residents and businesses! Residential homeowners and commercial business can get a portion of their total solar system cost subsidized through the Town of Banff’s Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Rebate Program.

Interested applicants can start applying today! Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Town for a preliminary review of their project prior to submitting a Development Permit application.

How it Works

Funding is based on the system size installed and is predetermined by the Town of Banff. Rebate fund is received upon post-install completion of the solar PV system. Applicants can expect a reimbursement of $750/kilowatt (kW) of solar capacity installed, to a maximum of 20 kW.

Town of Banff Solar PV Rebate Program Eligibility

  • Projects must be for Town of Banff residential and business properties
  • One application per individual property

Town of Banff Solar PV Rebate Program Terms

  • Solar projects must meet all development, building, and electrical safety code requirements.
  • Solar projects must be a minimum of 2 kW and up to a maximum of 20 kW.
  • Electrical systems must be CSA or ULC approved for installation in Canada.
  • Applicants are responsible to submit all necessary paperwork and ensure completion of the solar project.
  • Town of Banff Building and Development permits are required for solar panels. Associated fees will be waived by the Town of Banff.
  • Town of Banff Solar Panel Design Guidelines requirements must be met for the visual integration of solar panels on buildings for land use districts throughout the community.
  • Eligible applicants must participate in sharing the story and data of their solar installation with the community. These include writing articles in the local newspaper, Facebook, YouTube, and the Town of Banff website.

Town of Banff Solar PV Rebate Program Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Get your property assessed by a certified solar installer in Alberta. Solar PV assessments for residential and commercial homes are typically free and will help determine the size and cost of a solar system tailored to your unique needs.
  2. Your chosen solar installer will work with you in ensuring all the following requirements are met:
  • Town of Banff Development permit applications and approvals (fees are waived)
  • Ensuring the design of the system complies with the Town of Banff’s Solar Panel Design Guidelines
  • Town of Banff building permit applications and approvals (fees are waived)
  • Electrical permit applications and approvals
  • Micro-generation applications and approvals
  • Installation of the solar PV system to code
  • Electrical inspections
  • Grid Connection
  1. Once the project is complete, submit all documentations to the Town of Banff showing that the solar PV system is installed and generating renewable energy. These documents include:
    1. Micro-generation agreement
    2. Interconnection agreement with wire service provider
    3. Certificate of inspection – wire service provider
    4. Detailed receipt or invoice for solar installation
  2. All these documents will be provided by your solar installer. Submit these documents via email to Kerry MacInnis at For all other inquiries, reach out to her by phone at 403.762.1215.
  3. Once processed and approved, the Town of Banff will issue a solar rebate cheque.

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