Petro Canada Deploys Its Own EV Charging Stations

Petro Canada, formerly a state-owned oil company in Canada but now part of Suncor, becomes the latest oil company to get involved in electric vehicle charging.

They are starting to deploy their own electric vehicle chargers at gas stations – and they are not kidding around when it comes to the charge rate.

We have been documenting a trend of oil companies being increasingly interested in renewable energy and electric vehicle charging as they start to see electric vehicles slowly taking over the car industry.

Shell is arguably leading the charge through its involvement in the new Ionity charging network in Europe. The company is building its own chargers at its own gas stations, and recently acquired a charging network with over 30,000 chargers.

But there are several others, like BP and Total, who have made similar investments.

Now Suncor is also getting involved and they have deployed their first ‘Petro Canada-branded’ EV chargers at a gas station in Milton, Ontario.

Interestingly, the company is deploying some serious power – unlike what many third party networks have been doing in the past.

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