Over 20 Canadian Tire locations to get fast-chargers

Electrify Canada to capitalize on Canadian Tire name recognition, while the retail giant looks to evolve its business

Ninety-seven years ago two Canadian brothers pooled $1,800 in savings and began the most successful Canadian-owned-and-operated franchise in the country, Canadian Tire.

Nearly a century later, Canadian Tire is still expanding.

The company is set to meet the growing needs of the electric auto industry through a partnership with Electrify Canada that will see over 20 electric vehicle charging stations installed at its retail locations across the country.

“We are thrilled to be entering into a relationship with a company that has strong Canadian roots,” says Robert Barossa, chief operating officer of Electrify Canada.

“[Canadian Tire] shares the same values and core beliefs of providing convenience and reliability of services to users.”

The partnership was announced October 9.

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