Renewable Energy is Consistently Outperforming Predictions

The recent renewable energy procurement in Alberta has garnered much well-earned hype. It delivered wind power at prices that are a record low for Canada at an average price of $37/megawatt hour – cheaper than natural gas. But shock at the price — with the crowd at the announcement literally gasping at the number — shouldn’t have been the case.  Continue reading “Renewable Energy is Consistently Outperforming Predictions”


Nicaragua Solar Lighting Micro Credit Project

Over 1.3 million people in Nicaragua (primarily rural) are not connected to grid electricity.  Local families are currently dependant on kerosene lamps, candles, and battery powered flashlights for lighting.  All of which provide poor light quality, pose environmental and health risks and are costly; $5 to $11CDN each month for an average family consuming two to four liters of kerosene).

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