Electrical Grids will Heavily Rely on Solar Power

image of old electrical grids

Ageing electrical grids are making being on the grid a lot tougher. Solar power could be the solution.

As electrical grids suffer the reality of wear and tear, it will be tougher for consumers to be connected to these infrastructures. Potential problems include higher rates of power outages and increased charges to maintain failing systems. The installation of solar power could be the best solution to this problem, as it will give consumers energy independence by separating them from a dying grid. By no longer relying on electrical grids for transmission and distribution, people can be in control of their energy while saving money.

Check out this video explaining the implications of solar energy into an ageing grid system.


Solar power is shaping the future of home. Homes of the future may rely a lot less on centralized power, and a lot more on sources that are decentralized, renewable, and cheap.

Electricity is the cornerstone of the modern world, but more than a billion people worldwide do without. Those who do live on the grid rely on expensive, aging systems increasingly vulnerable to disasters and attacks, with little back-up. The rapidly dropping price of solar panels may offer a way forward.

Whether they’re Michigan suburbanites looking to pay less each month or Guatemalan homesteaders looking to plug in their first light bulb, today’s solar customers are riding a wave that could change how our lives are wired.