Edmonton Convention Centre’s new power generating roof

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Convention Centre’s iconic glass roof now boasts the largest building-integrated photovoltaic array in Canada.

‘What’s that?’ You ask? Basically it means its solar power generating system has been incorporated into the building’s components.

Thanks to solar cells installed in the roof’s 696 new glass panels, the building can now generate roughly 230,000 kilowatt hours a year.

That accounts for about three per cent of the Convention Centre’s annual power usage and is a 150,000 kilogram reduction in greenhouse gasses produced. 

“We definitely make a great location to harness the power of the sun,” said Edmonton Economic Development Corporation’s venue sustainability manager, Melissa Radu. “But it’s also a reminder to us that we have a responsibility to protect this natural environment.”

Artistic Component 

Project architect DIALOG added a special salute to the river valley as part of the building upgrade’s design. The south-facing roof features an excerpt from a poem by the late Edmonton poet, E.D Blodgett.

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