Earth Day 50: Like no other

As people consider this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, they are looking at a very unique situation around the world.

With the pandemic causing shutdowns of industries and businesses with travel and movement restrictions, pollution in cities around the planet has been drastically reduced.

In most places around the world there will be no public celebrations though.

There are Earth Day sites in countries around the world with events online and other information also on the Earth Day Network site

This year environmental groups are calling on authorities to take advantage of the situation resulting from the pandemic and restart the economy in a new and greener way. Many events are being held online such as a live discussion in Canada called “What on (Earth Day) is going on-climate change in the time of COVID-19 ( 1200h-1300h) 

While one might say environmental awareness began with the publishing of Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ in 1962, a massive 1969 oil spill off the coast of California caused outrage at the deaths of thousands of seabirds and other marine life, prompting greater environmental concern in the U.S.  This concern and shock increased when that same year the Detroit River caught fire due to industrial oil dumping. Such events in turn led to the first Environmental Rights Day in 1970 across that country. That quickly evolved into Earth Day and also marked the start of the wider environmental movement globally.

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