Ducati Announces Electric Motorcycle is in the Works


After Harley Davidson showcased their company’s first all-electric motorcycle at CES 2019, it became clear the electric vehicle revolution was making its way to the motorcycle market, something that Ducati confirms by announcing that the company was nearing production of their first all-electric motorcycle.

The Future is Electric

As reported by Micah Toll at Electrek, as early as 2017, Ducati Western Europe’s Managing Director Edouard Lotthé said that Ducati was planning on introducing both an electric scooter and an electric motorcycle. However, the earliest they could conceivably make it to market was 2021 and that wasn’t guaranteed.

Now, however, there’s confirmation that an electric Ducati will be introduced soon. At a recent Moto Student event, the CEO of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali, announced to the crowd that “The future is electric, we’re not far from starting series production.”

Ducati isn’t a stranger to electric vehicles, Toll points out. They have produced several models of electric bicycles in conjunction with other firms and Ducati has previously produced an electric motorcycle concept vehicle along with the Milan Polytechnic School of Design.

Ducati Responding to Growing Demand For Electric Motorcycles

In addition to Harley Davidson and Ducati, other motorcycle manufacturers are getting in on the electric motorcycle market.

Toll lists several manufacturers in his piece who are producing electric motorcycles. Italy’s Energica has long been manufacturing electric sports bikes, including high-performance models whose speeds exceed 150+ mph. Other brands such as Zero have unveiled a new line of electric motorcycles for 2019.

Lightning Motorcycles is set to unveil their latest model called the Strike. The Strike features impressive performance, reaching a top speed of 150 mph, a range of 150 miles, and can fast-charge in about 35 minutes. What’s more, the starting price for the Strike is $12,998, more than 60% less than Harley Davidson’s LiveWire, which is priced at nearly $30,000.

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