CUPS Energy Efficiency Retrofit a Success!

image of CUPS and VE staff after LED installation

Virtuoso Energy was happy to be a part of the CUPS LED Retrofit this past year. By changing more than 1000 lighting fixtures over to LEDs, CUPS will be able to save over 100,000kWh in electricity costs each year!

The result of this sustainable transition to energy efficiency solutions means that CUPS will be offsetting over 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year! Fortunately, we were able to utilise rebates available through Energy Efficiency Alberta to save over $7000, which was great for an organisation that operates as a non-profit. By saving on their energy costs, CUPS can focus on allocating their financial resources towards their programs and the people that rely on them.

“We want to save money for our clients and participants as much as possible, so any savings on power or electricity are good. Avoiding burning coal to heat and power our buildings is always a good thing and everyone who works here is concerned with the environmental aspect of how we get our power.” – Robert Perry, Director of Strategic Initiatives

“A lot of people are passionate and prideful that we are making these decisions and changes.” – Rebecca Chermishnuk, Executive Assistant 

Our vision at Virtuoso Energy is to create a future that is responsible through sustainable practices. Our work at CUPS is one more step towards achieving that vision!

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