The City of Edmonton launches new environment rebate program

The City of Edmonton is making green solutions more accessible to its citizens. As of yesterday, residents and businesses now have access to a mix of different environmental rebate programs that will help stimulate the local economy while investing in the city’s future environment.

This mix of rebate programs include:

Change Mobility for Climate

The Electric Vehicle Charger and Electric Bike (ECEB) Rebate is Edmonton’s newest addition to the mix of environmental rebates in the city. Edmonton residents looking to purchase an e-bike can get reimbursed for up to 30% of the cost up to a maximum rebate of $750.

Edmonton residents wishing to install Level 2 EV chargers can get up to $600 for existing residential and up to $300 for new residential. Businesses planning to have Level 2 EV chargers qualify for up to $2,000 for existing commercial spaces.

Change Homes for Climate

Turn your home into an energy efficient tiny power plant. The City of Edmonton will fund $0.40/watt, up to $4,000.00 towards the cost and labour for your solar system.

Change Buildings for Climate

The Building Energy Benchmarking Program helps large commercial building reduce their energy usage and community GHG emissions. Eligible participants will be able to qualify for the Energy Audit Rebate Program that will fund about 50% of the cost, up to $10,000.00 per eligible building. The rebate can be used for a maximum of three rebates per owner or ownership group.

Change Communities for Climate

The City of Edmonton and Alberta Ecotrust want to support citizens with positive green community ideas. Non-profits, community leagues, schools can fund their project by applying through the Eco City Edmonton grant.

Taking Action

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