ChargePoint To Install 2.5 Million Charging Points By 2025

image of ChargePoint chargers

During the Global Climate Action Summit, ChargePoint announced a bold commitment to expand its charging point network to 2.5 million places by 2025.

Taking into consideration that currently the network connects 54,363 spots (including less than 900 DC fast chargers), the growth needs to be some 4,600% in seven years.

ChargePoint offers various charging stations, but basically doesn’t own most of the charging stations added to the network, but rather manages the network, taking care of the app for search, payments, etc.

By 2025, ChargePoint expects that there will be 20 million plug-in electric cars on the roads of North America and Europe. That would mean almost 10 times more than the number of public charging stations on the network by that time.

By 2040, it is anticipated that EVs will account for more than half of new vehicles sold around the world. ChargePoint’s 2.5 million charging spots will support the forecasted 20 million EVs that will be on the road in North America and Europe by 2025, driving a combined 384 billion electric miles per year.2 Of the 2.5 million charging spots on ChargePoint’s network by 2025, the majority will be evenly split between Europe and North America, with smaller percentages in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).

This commitment comes on the heels of years of progress tackling climate change and supporting the growing adoption of EVs globally, including:

  • ChargePoint’s recognition by the United Nations as a “Momentum for Change” award winner at the Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 in 2015
  • The growth of the ChargePoint network to more than 53,000 globally, helping drivers avoid more than 42 million gallons of gas and 134 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions
  • ChargePoint’s expansion into Europe in 2017
  • A total of nearly $300 million ChargePoint has raised to support the expansion of networked EV charging globally

Within the next five years, it is estimated that no fewer than 40 new EV models will hit the road. With a global investment in R&D, award-winning solutions, sales, marketing and policy, ChargePoint is committed to enabling the future of mobility, and creating solutions that will support the substantial increase in EVs, and ultimately, the mass adoption of electrified mobility, creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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