CBC News poll: Why the economic crisis could speed up transition to renewable energy

Poll suggests Albertans support energy transition, but it’s complicated

It was sombre. It was serious. 

Premier Jason Kenney’s televised address to Albertans last week delivered a sobering reckoning of “perhaps the greatest challenge of our generation” facing the Prairie province.

First — and most pressing — the health crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic could, in a probable scenario, see as many as 800,000 infections, and between400 and 3,100 deaths in Alberta.

The economic ramifications of the infection are profound, with the most recent forecast estimating that one in four Albertans will lose their jobs and the crisis will “permanently reshape” the province’s economy. As Kenney has said, it could be an economic disaster equivalent to or worse than the Great Depression.

The International Monetary Fund’s most recent estimates forecast massive global decline, and a terrible situation for energy prices — Alberta’s bedrock industry.

The future of the industry is unclear.

A CBC News poll, taken just before the economic implications of the coronavirus were becoming clear, suggests 79 per cent of Albertans already thought that the province should transition toward renewable energy. More than nine in 10 Albertans also think the province should do more to encourage the development of the technology sector.  

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