Carbon Busters – Building net-zero in Blatchford

Carbon Busters may seem like a strange name for a builder, but the company has been advising and building green for 27 years.

It is among the several Edmontonian builders that have been pioneers in creating affordable, super-efficient, net-zero homes. Carbon Busters has completed some amazing projects already, including the first carbon-neutral garage suite in Edmonton.

It’s no surprise, then, that Carbon Busters is among the first four builders with offerings in Blatchford, the largest planned carbon-neutral community in Canada and maybe the world.

Blatchford is a 536-acre site in the heart of Edmonton, and the future home of up to 30,000 people. Planners envision a carbon-neutral community. With a green building code and a geothermal district energy sharing system already up and running, the building blocks are in place to make this vision a reality.

Carbon Busters is taking the next step: it is the first builder in Blatchford to offer fully net-zero-energy homes.

Net-zero basically means it’s a building that produces as much renewable energy onsite as it uses on an annual basis,” explains Godo Stoyke, co-owner of Carbon Busters with Shanthu Mano.

Homes that exceed Blatchford’s Green Building Code

Carbon Busters’ homes in fact far exceed the requirements of Blatchford’s green building code and have an impressive list of specifications.

“It’s really cool. You start first of all with a building envelope that’s twice as efficient as a regular building. So you have got a double-stud wall. Next, you use the energy from the ground so you can extract it in the summer and put it back in the winter. And finally, you also use the sun to provide the energy because of solar electricity,” explains Stoyke.

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