Alberta Entrepreneurs Risk it All to Grow Renewable Energy in Canada

Alberta is Canada’s most entrepreneurial province. It was and continues to be built by entrepreneurs with dreams of creating a better future.

For entrepreneurs Kai Fahrion and Gursh Bal, their dream is to grow the untapped renewable energy potential in Alberta and provide every Canadian with sustainable alternatives in their day-to-day lives.

“If you’re willing to give up everything, you can do it. It’s possible,” Fahrion said in front of a hall full of people. He and his long-time friend, Bal, had just been awarded SAIT’s 2019 Outstanding Young Alumni award. “In Alberta, in Calgary, that’s the one place I want to do that.”

It was not too long ago when Bal and Fahrion risked it all for their dream. Five years ago, both left well-paying jobs to start Virtuoso Energy. With no prior experience in running a business, they started their very first company in an industry where renewable energy was only just beginning, at a time considered to be one of Alberta’s worst economic recessions in history.

The risks were all worth it. It meant that Bal and Fahrion could share their passion for the environment and create an exciting future for the planet every single day.  

Bal and Fahrion’s successful business partnership comes from similar lived experiences and values. Both had parents who instilled their love for the environment. Both had taken similar jobs after studying the same courses at SAIT. Both aspire to be like Elon Musk. But most of all, both Bal and Fahrion consider themselves as two individuals who are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support they receive from family, friends, colleagues, and the Alberta community.

“It takes everybody in this room to allow us to be grateful to stand where we are today,” Bal at the 2019 SAIT Alumni awarding ceremony. “It takes a village.”

Today, Virtuoso Energy has successfully completed over 100 renewable energy projects across Western Canada with ambitious plans in making sustainable alternatives available to all Canadians. Virtuoso Energy continues to educate Canadians on “living efficient daily” while finding ways to give back to their community.

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt in life is to enjoy the small moments of success, but the biggest part is to enjoy the journey and the people you are on the journey with,” Kai remarked.

To learn more about Virtuoso Energy, click here.

Article Written By: Frances Teves

Photo Provided By: SAIT Alumni Association

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