Solar Energy

Produce Energy locally for Calgary, Alberta & Beyond

Power Locally

Recent advancements in Solar technology have allowed it to become today’s cheapest form of new energy. This means that for the first time you can produce your own power in a sustainable, local manner. With over 1.5 Billion people around the world living in the dark we have the opportunity to utilize our precious resources more responsibly. Talk to us today to find out how Solar Energy creates power stability, cost savings and a positive global impact.

Why Solar? Why Now?

With the environment being at the fore-front of the world’s attention, recent advancements in Solar technology have allowed it to become today’s cheapest form of new energy. This is enabling more people to produce energy Locally with Zero-Emissions.

  • EliminateEnergy Costs & Save up to 30% with incentives.
  • 25 yearGuaranteed Warranty
  • 1,500 Treessaved annually per every 10 panels installed
  • Contributeto a sustainable future

Vision for a Greener Future

The world is our home. With 1.5 Billion people living in the dark and having no access to the basic amenities of the first world, our vision is to create a future that is responsible through sustainable practices.

At Virtuoso we achieve this through our Living Efficient Daily (L.E.D.) process. This process ensures that the energy that you use in your daily life is produced and consumed with the least amount of impact.

Our team of trained professionals achieve this by designing, installing and maintaining custom turn key packages that will suit all of your energy needs.

EV CHARGINGReuse your renewable energy to power your transportation SOLARRecycle otherwise lost solar energy to power your home LEDReduce your footprint by upgrading lighting to LEDs

Virtuoso makes going solar easier than ever.

With a seamless installation process and triple-backed warranty, you will never have to worry about your energy needs again. Our process ensures that you are kept up-to-date on every step of your solar installation, which means you can enjoy the sunshine while we put it to work for you.


How Solar Works

The panels installed on your roof are designed to provide power to all the electric devices in your home or business. That could be anything from your smartphone or light bulbs to your Fridge or Electric Vehicle. The panels are able to do this by collecting the suns energy and transforming it into usable power. Any extra power your panels make will be exported through your electrical meter and back onto the grid. Not only does this help your city & save the environment, but it also makes you money!

Choose the Package that Best Suits You

From the Arroyo to Ocean system, choose the impact that you want to make. Our systems are stackable which means that you can start at any level.


Cover the Essentials

  • Produce enough energy to power your TV, lighting & smart devices.
  • 10 - 14 Panels
  • 3200 - 4500 kwh Produced
  • Energy Storage icon of letter X
    • icon of TV
    • icon of light


Make a bigger impact

  • Produce enough energy to cover your TV, lighting, fridge and heating.
  • 16 - 24 Panels
  • 5000 - 7600 kwh Produced
  • Energy Storage icon of letter X
    • icon of TV
    • icon of light
    • icon of fridge
    • icon of fireplace


Make a wave of change

  • Offset your entire home and power your transportation.
  • Custom Panel System depending on house
  • Custom kwh Produced depending on house
  • Energy Storage icon of check mark
    • icon of house
    • icon of car

Commercial Solar Solutions

With a variety of commercial experience the Virtuoso team can custom design, install and maintain a system that best suits your business’s needs.


Thinking of Going Solar?

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