Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Plug Into the Future

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electrical vehicles are the fastest growing sector in the automotive industry. With major steps being taken towards reducing the overall cost and footprint of EV batteries, the future of transportation has never been cleaner and safer. Your transportation is a vital part of success in everyday life, that’s why all of our installers are Tesla Certified and carry over this standard to whichever brand of EV charger fits your needs.

Vision for a Greener Future

The world is our home. With 1.5 Billion people living in the dark and having no access to the basic amenities of the first world, our vision is to create a future that is responsible through sustainable practices.

At Virtuoso we achieve this through our Living Efficient Daily (L.E.D.) process. This process ensures that the energy that you use in your daily life is produced and consumed with the least amount of impact.

Our team of trained professionals achieve this by designing, installing and maintaining custom turn key packages that will suit all of your energy needs.

EV CHARGINGReuse your renewable energy to power your transportation SOLARRecycle otherwise lost solar energy to power your home LEDReduce your footprint by upgrading lighting to LEDs

EV Charging for the Home

Home is the place we leave and return to everyday. This means that your home charger has to be installed in a way that is easy to use, reliable and thoughtfully placed. Regardless of the brand of electrical vehicle you own, our team will design, install & maintain your ideal charging scenario.

  • ConvenientCharge Anytime
  • Contribute to a sustainable future
  • Drive Sustainablywith power from your Solar System
  • Savings10x more cost effective than fuel

EV Charging Stations for Business

Provide EV owners with the ability to charge their electric vehicles while they enjoy the services that your business has to offer. With the EV industry growing tremendously your business can be known as the go to hot spot for charging. You can also provide charging support to employees and tenants, enabling them to live a more sustainable life. Talk to a VE team member to see if your business is a good fit.

  • AttractionAttract Tenants and Customers
  • Additional RevenueFrom Advertising and Charging Fees
  • ShowcaseEnvironmental Stewardship
  • IncreaseBusiness Green Rating

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Level 1 Charging Stations

EV Charging for your home

  • 3 - 8 km per Hour of Charging
  • Electricity required: 120v 15amps
  • Time for full charge: 12 - 16 hours

Level 2 Charging Station

EV Charging for your home & business

  • 20 - 40 km per Hour of Charging
  • Electricity required: 240v 30amps
  • Time for full charge: 6 - 8 hours

DC Fast Charge Station

Commercial EV Charging

  • 150 - 200 km per Hour of Charging
  • Electricity required: 208v 100 or 200 amps
  • Time for full charge: 80% under 20 minutes

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