Shell Unveils Plan to Move World Away from Fossil Fuels

image of Shell sky scenario

As a company dedicated to diversifying its energy portfolio, Shell recently released a detailed plan on how to move the world away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable options.

Royal Dutch Shell just laid out a proposal to move us away from its own product. The company’s Sky Scenario is a plan to help the world meet the goals set forth in the Paris climate agreement. The plan would shift people away from oil and towards hydrogen and electric transportation in order to keep global warming under the 2 degree limit that most scientists think is the tipping point for climate change.

As weird as it is for an oil company to suggest moving away from fossil fuels, Shell is putting its money where its mouth is. In the past few moths,the company purchased an electric car charging company, a major natural gas company, and it’s working on carbon capture and storage technology through its Quest and Gorgon projects. Shell has also recently invested heavily in solar both through buying direct stakes in solar companies and purchasing solar power directly.

Shell’s Sky scenario details a way in which the world can shift from oil to other technologies by 2070. The proposal suggests addressing growing global energy needs by moving to clean electricity like solar and wind, replacing gas guzzlers with electric vehicles – particularly semi-trucks – and focusing on fuels like biofuel and hydrogen. Shell recently partnered with NewMotion, which is Europe’s largest EV charging provider and agreed with IONITY — a Munich-based venture between BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG — to start charging stations in 10 European nations.

“The relevant transformations in the energy and natural systems require concurrent climate policy action and the deployment of disruptive new technologies at mass scale within government policy environments that strongly incentivize investment and innovation,” the company said.

Check out the Sky Scenario document here!

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